Various CAE-based calculation methods like FEA simulation with ANSYS ensure the success of a development project by enabling us to predict the behavior of a design in a very early stage of development. This allows us to optimize a design without the need to build and analyze a number of prototypes, which saves a significant amount of time and cost while delivering reliable and highly optimized products. 

We use ANSYS for more than 15 years and optimize our machines with respect to:

  • Structural mechanics:
    Deformation of robot tools, robot bases and kinematic structures under the influence of static and dynamic loads.
  • Vibration behavior:
    Determine Eigenfrequencies, modal characteristics and vibrational response behavior
  • Topology optimization:
    Load-optimized design for very lightweight structures with defined boundary conditions to meet a predefined set of performance targets (e.g. maximum deformation)
  • Thermal design:
    Simulation of heatsinks and cooling systems in mechatronic assemblies
  • Multi-physics:
    Simulation of coupled systems to optimize e.g. thermal stress in optical assemblies or Eigenfrequencies in preloaded systems