MTU Aero Engines in Munich, Department for non-destructive testing
Charon XRD (X-ray diffractometer):

X-ray diffraction enables the measurement of residual stresses in near-surface areas of metallic workpieces. The diffractometer "Charon XRD" was created in collaboration with General Electric Inspection Technologies. It is used for inspection of components with a high variety of size and geometrical complexity. The facility consists of two 6-axis robots. The first robot carries the x-ray generator and the second robot carries the x-ray detector. The inspection method requires high precision in positioning the robots relative to each other and relative to the specimen. This is realized by a supplemental measurement system based on our patent, which achieves a resolution of 1/1000th mm and 1/10000th degree.

PDF: A New Twin Robot X-ray Diffractometer for Surface Analysis of Complex Aircraft Components

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