Beyond Gravity in Zuerich (CH)
Non Destructive Inspection:

This automated 10-axis scanner supports the NDI specialists by performing non-destructive inspection of launcher payload-fairings and interstage-adapters using air-coupled ultrasonic through-transmission technology. The result is a C-Scan image of the part, allowing convenient and reliable detection of defects within the part. This machine was developed together with RUAG Space, Eugen Ostertag, Ing.-Buero Dr. Hillger and Robo-Technology.

Key Features:  

  • Air coupled ultrasonic through transmission, no coupling water needed
  • Fully automated scanning of curved and complex shaped spacecraft parts
  • Large scan volume of nearly 60 m³
  • Laser guided trajectory adaption for highest positioning accuracy in respect to the actual part
  • Multiple collision detection and avoidance systems

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